St. Petersburg Travel Guide

Once in a while, someone asks me how come I am not scared to go to Russia. Isn’t it dangerous? No, it isn’t. Especially St. Petersburg is a tourist friendly city; it’s like any city in Europe. All the signs are nowadays in English and the younger generation can speak English well. So even if you don’t know Russian you will survive. Even though Russians don’t look friendly they are friendly, most of the time anyway. You won’t get pickpocketed unless you are super unlucky and you will find plenty of western places to eat at if you don’t like Russian cuisine. There is a big chance your trip will turn out perfect and you will go home with great memories. The only reason not to go to St. Petersburg: you might fall in love with it and never want to go back home. Continue reading “St. Petersburg Travel Guide”


The Monastery of Ostrog


Before visiting Ostrog, I read somewhere that it loses its charms once you actually get there. I must admit that’s true, looks much cooler from afar. Still, I think this place is worth the visit even if you are not a religious person, it’s a nice breezy escape from hot, sunny beaches. By the way, the bathroom near the monastery is one of the worst bathrooms I have ever visited. Consider yourself warned. Continue reading “The Monastery of Ostrog”

Traveling Montenegro



Had someone asked me a year ago, or even a few months ago, if I ever wanted to visit Montenegro, I would have said no. Europe had never interested me much; it was always too close, too ordinary, just like my backyard. I always thought that Asia was my one and only destination, probably because that’s where I discovered (and got hooked on) traveling. And as funny as this sounds, I always understood Asia better. I had studied local languages and cultures, so traveling there was a wholesome experience for me. And the food, it’s everywhere, at all times, it’s beautiful and delicious – I love food. And boring Europe… I had visited Britain, Germany, and Sweden before, nothing special in my books, back then. It was only recently that I actually got interested in really traveling Europe. I discovered Tallinn, the northern hipster mecca with cozy neighborhoods, excellent restaurants, interesting events, and vibrant underground culture. A few years ago, I went to Lisboa, God bless the seafood there. If you are interested in doing street photography and smoking weed this is your destination. Paris was another story; I hated and loved it at the same time, mesmerizing. But Slovenia was the country that finally opened my eyes. Majestic mountains, beautiful valleys, cute villages, busy seaside, delicious food and excellent art museums. I realized that there are things to see in Europe and I have come to appreciate short traveling times. Continue reading “Traveling Montenegro”

Durmitor National Park and P14 – the Road of Horrors



Oh yes, I did read about it. There were countless posts on Internet about the Sedlo pass road P14: it is narrow, curvy, steep and dangerous – not recommended for inexperienced drivers. I have to admit, the evening before driving this road I was hesitating, and even when we took a turn at P14 I was still thinking that I could turn back if it got too challenging (jokes on me, there are no places to turn around!). But then again, it was said to be one of the most spectacular roads on earth. Breathtaking views, a thrilling and unforgettable experience – and that it was, in every aspect. The road goes through Sedlo Pass, which is the highest paved pass in Montenegro, 1907m above sea level. So you will drive high! You will see mountain tops that are over 2000m above the sea level, among them Bobotov Peak (2,523m). If you find a place where you can park your car, there are not that many, feel free to explore and hike. Note that you should bring proper hiking gear.

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Discovering the Joys of Traveling (and I hate Air France)

I could divide my life into million different periods such as:
Life before I started drinking alcohol and life when you throw up in a budget bus’ feces-covered toilet. There is no going back to the innocent days anymore.

Life before I thought to work in customer service would be fun and the rest of my life when I fucking hate people.

Life in my early 20’s when I thought I knew everything, or that there at least existed some people who knew something about things, and life in my late 20’s when I realized I don’t know a fuck about anything, and nobody else does either.

But my favourite divides gotta be:
Life before discovering the joys of traveling and life after discovering the joys of traveling.
Life before knowing much about food and life after I learned to cook real food. Continue reading “Discovering the Joys of Traveling (and I hate Air France)”

Midsummer Celebration in Finland

Celebration makes midsummer sound so convivial, innocent, perhaps even civil… In reality, this event is all about getting drunk out of your mind, maybe burning a huge bonfire, roasting burning some shit tasting sausages in that fire, eating them with ketchup or mustard. It would be one of the best meals of your life. Guessing how many people will drown thins year… it’s a big thing. Everybody follows the yellow press during Midsummer and people make bets on how many might die. I know this might sound way too cold-hearted, but this is the wicked sense of humor of Finns you might have heard about, it’s dark and goes places. Drowning is one of the popular small talk topics during midsummer (you probably know Finns are not that good at small talk). But hey, guess what? In the year 2018 nobody drowned, last time nobody drowned during Midsummer festivities was 26 years ago! Continue reading “Midsummer Celebration in Finland”

Helsinki Pride 2018

This year’s Helsinki Pride week was held on June 25th- July 1st. The parade was organized on July 30th and it attracted A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 100 000 people! That’s triple last year’s amount and the biggest pride march in Finnish history! The atmosphere was festive and positive, upbeat music setting the atmosphere, the crowd was a splash of bright rainbow colors. It felt great just being there, part of something so important. Continue reading “Helsinki Pride 2018”

Strolling around Turku


Oh my God! It’s been about 4 years since I updated this blog. So many things have happened and I have traveled a lot, yet I have been too busy (read lazy) to actually sit down and write a few posts about my adventures. Now then, it’s about time I start updating again. I just returned from a weekend trip to St. Petersburg (Russia) and in a month I will be going to Norway and Montenegro, and then to Russia again, I got invited to a wedding(YAY)! Last summer I traveled to Paris and Vancouver to attend weddings of my friends and those were amazing trips. I took my camera along but was too lazy to go through the pics, but I will, eventually(I hope so). Anyway, there is a lot to write about. Next weekend is midsummer festival in Finland, then Helsinki Pride and Helsinki beer fest. So many things to do and too little time =( Continue reading “Strolling around Turku”

Getting Russian Visa in Beijing

As always the website of the embassy is shit and the visa requirements page didn’t work for me when I needed it. Russia is a tricky country because regarding the visa they have sort of different policies in different countries and it’s pretty frustrating to go to the embassy just to find out you are missing some documents. It was pain in the ass to find any updated information for tourist visa so I decided to post this quick post.

My 30 days single entry tourist visa cost: 288RMB for 5 processing days + 15€ visa support.

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