Who and What

I was born in the year 1987 and now, after years and years of my crazy life, I am an university student majoring in Russian language and culture, also studying Chinese, Asian studies, politics and a bit of Korean on the side. Soon to be ex-student.

I became interested in traveling during my exchange study year in China which I regard as the best year of my life. I learned a lot, saw a lot, met many awesome people and had the most fun ever. Cheers to 2009-2010 in Guangzhou!

Before that time I hardly even traveled anywhere but ever since I haven’t been able to stop traveling at all. Traveling and thinking about the depths of cultural differences and how it all affects us. Eventually too much thinking and traveling made me cynical and angry, you might notice that in my writing. I can’t stand sugarcoating anything, instead I like criticism but in healthy doses.

This blog is going to be about everything and nothing.

You have no idea how many blogs I have already started and abandoned. I won’t even try to promise to keep updating this thing often or to never abandon it. Quera sera sera. But still, every Friday will be an update day!

Originally I just wanted to write about my travels but I guess I will write about anything what comes to my mind and is related to me. My writings might be crazily controversial and cause your blood pressure to rise, please bear with me. I am just kind of person who hates everything but in the end still loves it all as much.

Every Friday is an update day!

Disclaimer: Don’t take anything what I write here too seriously, please activate your sense of humor and take off your seat belt.