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Bad Customer Service in China

Every time I expect better from China and every time I get worse.

Indeed, it’s been 1 month and almost 2 weeks since I started my internship at Crowne Plaza in Beijing.  Every day I call my boyfriend and begin the discussion with following words: “Guess what happened at work today?!” And every time we just sigh and shake our heads.

Here are 10 reasons why Chinese customer service is bad in my point of view. All these are based on my own observations at work and all examples are true stories. We can call this my personal little research on Chinese customer service in one hotel.

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Internship in China = Nothing But Frustration

Just few sentences about my internship for those who haven’t read my previous posts. I am doing my management training at Crowne Plaza U-Town in Beijing. This hotel is a branch of Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts group, IHG in short, you might have heard about them. In the end I decided to accept this offer because the employee benefits were so good: 3 meals a day for free at the employee canteen or hotel’s buffet restaurant, free accommodation, laundry service and 2000 RMB per month. Not bad, right? And well, since I wasn’t familiar with the hotel business in general I thought it would be fun to learn.

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First Days in China – Until It Wasn’t Funny Anymore

There is one thing I really want to let you know now: I am not going to sugarcoat my experiences in China. If you are looking for something super duper positive or are extra sensitive to criticism or occasional strong language I advice you don’t read any further. I’m not going to be super happy about everything, all things are not going to be super awesome or brilliant, and I am not going to be satisfied with lower standards than human beings deserve. Still, even though I am going to criticize a lot of things that doesn’t mean I hate China or Chinese, which I do hate to some extent but I hate everything at some extent, anyway. So no offence but some offence.
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Internship In Beijing

Before Leaving

What in the world happened again? In two days I will be leaving to China for 6 months and I am not sure how I ended up in this situation. Let’s see… it all started when I was looking for a summer job and couldn’t find anything good enough. Of course, cleaning or working in a grocery store is okay but I am graduating soon and wanted to do something more meaningful, maybe related to my studies. Among applying to various summer jobs in Finland I also applied for one of the internship programmes Cimo has to offer and they accepted my application.

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