Travel Plans

Nothing is ever simple.


Like my previous post this is going to be a long rant about nothing in particular and on the side about evolution of my travel plans for this summer, which is long gone. It’s getting cold and rains every day, I kind of missed this weather but still, since I can never be satisfied with anything I can’t just be satisfied with this weather either, this is a principle.

Why can’t I ever be satisfied? (Here we go on a side track again…) Well, that is natural to a Russian character (never smile and yell at everyone, like we learn in almost every Russian store. The client is never in the right and unexceptionally always stupid). Though, in reality my non satisfaction is just a joke but no one ever gets it. I tend to complain and critique everything but it’s supposed to be just a joke, this again is typical Finnish attitude (everything is depressing and nothing is good). Remember everyone, everything is just a joke. (But within every joke lies a bit of truth NOOOO, this will never end.) Like I once commented myself and there lies a great philosophy within this comment. Truthfully I am always satisfied with everything but only some things impress me.

Eats everything. Likes only something.

So one day, on the eve of my departure to South Korea I met up with a few friends I met back in China and we went to the only Korean restaurant that exists in Finland for a dinner accompanied by a few of my cousins. ANYWAY. Despite me having a cellphone war with my former summer job boss who was an asshole, a total dimwit and arrogant shit who refused to pay me enough money for my perfect and amazing work, ahem, we had a lot of fun while drinking soju and talking about old memories. Then I randomly suggested we could go to Tibet together after I finish my exchange study year in South Korea. My friends agreed.

This is how summer 2012 begun.

Back in dark, cold and depressing Finland.

So the first plan was pretty bare and simple.

1. Go to China

2. Travel In China

3. Go to Tibet

4. Travel in China

5. Go home, possibly via Vladivostok and Siberian Railway

Everything was set but then… Then my boyfriend said he can’t come because this and that, friend’s wedding, this and that, work, blah blah. After some time the Tibet plan fell apart too because the fuckers Chinese government first enforced ridiculous stupid rules on traveling there and then closed Tibet all together. Thanks a lot assholes!

I don’t know how I got the idea for my second travel plan, simply don’t remember but one day it was born out of nothing.

1. Go to Tibet (we still didn’t know about the secret evil plans of the evil government)

2. Travel in China.

3. Fly to Iran and train (go by  train) from there trough Turkmenistan ->Uzbekistan -> Kazakstan ->Russia ->Finland

But then… The Chinese really know how to ruin the day, and the communists via bureaucrats too. The most absurd thing is that it’s almost impossible to get a visa to China in South Korea because (you don’t know how many time this drove me crazy!) apparently passport means nothing in South Korea, NOTHING! You do nothing with your passport so just burn it. You must get an alien card and use it to get a sim card, travel inside Korea, fix your phone, go to toilet, rent a house and whatnot. Also, for getting a Chinese tourist visa you will need a fucking alien card, that fucking stupid card ARGH! And it has to be valid for half a year after the visa expires, the FUCKERS! I wanted to go burn my passport in front of the fucking Chinese embassy, they are all useless, completely useless. What the fuck is wrong with that mental government? Excuse me.

Then the lovely Turkmenistan. As if they are so freaking rich they don’t need tourists to support their corrupt shitty little shitgovernment. I applied for a visa which you can get only trough a tour agency or there is a transit visa which you can get from the embassy and Turkmenistan has no embassy ANYWHERE, in western countries that is. It was all set and blah blah but then the fuckers refused to give me a visa and you know why? Because I was born in Russia. WTF? I don’t even have Russian passport anymore. What the fuck is wrong with all these people?!

So I had to reconsider my plans. My friends luckily had a plan B after Tibet. So the new plan was:

1. Go to Hong Kong (to get a Chinese visa)

2. Go to Guangzhou to meet some friends.

3. Go to Xining via Xi’an

4. 10 days mountain treck.

5. Travel around xining

6. Go to Urumqi

7. Fly to Iran

8. Fly to Uzbekistan

9. Train to Kazakstan

10. Train to Russia

11. Train trough Russia, visit relatives in Siberia

11. Bus to Finland

But yet again my plans changed. It was not my fault anymore, my boyfriend couldn’t get his visas to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan arranged on time (because he is a guy and guy’s suck at multitasking… If you are now reading this know that I’m still bitter!!) and we had to drop Uzbekistan from our plans. Also because the fucking west is enforcing sanctions on Iran and it’s impossible to use credit card to buy tickets, the flight was a bit too expensive. The sole reason why I even had visa to Uzbekistan was because I thought everything was arranged with the Turkmen visa and wanted to visit a friend in UZ, in the end he couldn’t be there on the dates I wanted to visit and the Turkmen dictator fat ugly pig government fucked me up. Also my travels inside China didn’t quite match the plan.

In the end:

1. Flight to Hong Kong

2. Bus to Guangzhou

3. Train to Shenzhen and back

4. Train to Xining (Dear god, don’t let me remember that hellish experience)

5. 10 Days mountain treck.

6. Back to Xining.

7. Travel around Xining.

8. Go back to the mountain village.

9. Back to Xining.

10. Lanzhou -> Urumqi -> Iran

11. In Iran: Tehran -> Gorgan -> Tehran -> Shiraz -> night with opium smoking nomads -> Yazd -> Esfahan -> Tehran.

12. Fly to Alma-Ata, Kazakshtan

13. train to Almaty

14. Train to Chelyabinsk, Russia -> Perm -> no time to visit relatives -> Ekaterinburg -> St. Petersburg.

And here I am.

The rest of my travel plan is like this:

First of all skip two first weeks of study at Uni (what a good start!). On 14th go back to Finland, take a cheap night bus and stay a few nights in Helsinki with relatives, also meet up with a few friends -> 16th be back in Turku -> 17th start GOD DAMN studying! -> get a new sim card -> sing up for work -> next weekend visit relatives in Kustavi -> gather your stuff from everywhere around -> earn money to pay off credit card bills and debts -> buy a new carpet and new pillows -> STUDY!! -> plan next trip to Asia -> travel -> come back -> study more -> plan another trip -> another trip

And life goes on